“Gather at Ganatchio” to Honour Anne Widholm and Service Time Change

The Mayor of Windsor has planned a walk on the Ganatchio trail this Sunday morning at 11am in support of our friend Anne, who was brutally beaten last Sunday (news article) and still remains in critical condition.  We continue to ask for all of your prayers for this loving, beautiful and giving woman of our community and church.

As a result, we are changing this Sunday, Oct 15th worship service time from 11:00am to 9:30am. 

There will be several baptisms during the service, and Pastor Brandon will be speaking on how to deal with troubling times like these.

Immediately after the service, we will be joining the larger community in the parking lot for the Ganatchio Trail Extension at the “Riverside Kiwanis Park” [map] end of Little River Road (just east of Riverdale Ave). We will be joining with others and walking the trail. Additional parking is available on surrounding streets.

Pastor Brandon Taylor has been invited to open the event in prayer for Anne and the community. Anne would want us to pray that the love of Christ will be shown to all the community, even as we all deal with this horrific event.

Please “like” and “share” this post to ensure that everyone knows about the time change, and as many can join us as possible.

Mother-Daughter Lunch

chalkboard sign centrepieces

The Ladies Ministry is having a Mother-Daughter Lunch on Saturday, May 6th, 2017 from noon until 2 pm.

It will be held at Banwell Community Church, just north of Tecumseh Rd East on Banwell Road.

Deadline for tickets is April 30th.

Church Blueprints: Being and Doing Church God’s Way

What does the word “church” mean to you?

For some people, the word “church” brings to mind a bunch of stuffy old people dressed in suits, old songs and debating obscure history. For others, it’s a meeting with friends, or just a place they’ve always gone to every Sunday.
On the other hand, there are hundreds of new ideas about how to “do church better” today, different styles of dress, music and even preaching!
In this series we’ll learn from God’s Word in Acts 1-5 about the foundation of the Church and how we should respond to Jesus’ saving work in very practical ways- both in our relationship to God and other people.
Please join us to study God’s blueprint for His church so that we will become God’s church in real life!

You can view the full series playlist on YouTube at

Praying God’s Way

The latest teaching series was just completed, called Praying God’s Way: Lessons from the Lord’s Prayer.

Prayer is an amazing gift from God. We have the fantastic opportunity as God’s children to talk to Him and connect our heart with His… but prayer can often be a struggle, can’t it? If only God would give us a guide so that we would know how He wants us to pray… Well He has. Listen in on our study of this important teaching from Mathew 6.

You can view the full series playlist on YouTube at:

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