Media Usage

It’s free for you!  Pass it on that way, as-is, please.

We are freely sharing the recorded video, audio and printable media (i.e. sermons, etc.) produced by the church, so that the Good News can be spread as widely as possible.

However, it doesn’t seem fair for others to then make money off of it, since it was freely given. Nor do we want the meaning or people’s words to be distorted or misused either.  As well, the people contributing deserve to be recognized for their dedicated work.

Therefore, media created by the church is released under a “Creative Commons” attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives license, version 3 or later.  Basically, this allows you to view, and even share, our recordings or other media freely, as long as you credit the source, but do not make changes and pass it on, and do not use it for commercial purposes or sell it.

Here is a link to the current, official “CC  BY-NC-ND” license, found at the Creative Commons organization website: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.


This license generally applies only to speaking media which was directly created by and for members and attendees of the church and is meant to be used for your personal viewing, or viewing within a non-commercial venue.

Recorded music cannot generally be reused, and is only included where permitted by a specific license or in an acceptable use scenario. E.g. the use of copyrighted music may be permitted because we have “purchased” a singing or streaming license or the copyright holder allows it’s use when their advertising is displayed if their the music is played.

Some images, created by other parties, are used under permission of an arrangement similar to or under the CC license, or are believed to be in the public domain.

All other text, images and photographs are otherwise copyrighted by the church or used under permission of a limited-use license from other parties and cannot be reused unless otherwise noted.

Please Note

  1. Our latest content is currently hosted (stored) by a free-to-view Internet media server (i.e. YouTube), and our content links directly to the media we have uploaded there. Be aware that we do not control the other contents of that site. You are very likely to encounter advertising and other content on the hosting site which is unrelated to, and even supports opposing viewpoints to, that of our church.
  2. All links to other sites, including licenses, required credits, musicians, teaching, organizations, etc. may contain information or media that is not in agreement with the views of the church.